d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern Reviews

dlight-s10-solar-led-lanternI bought 3 S10 Solar LED Lanterns before. Now I have my fourth d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern. So I feel I have to say something about this good products. It is very compact. We can easily carry it for travel. We use them in Nepal where the electricity is lacked. This solar lantern gives us adequate light at night. During the day, the lantern is charged by the solar panel on the top of the light and we use them in the evening. The light emitted from the Lantern is not super bright but it’s enough for use. I left some of them to the locals and ex-pats. I love traveling. Of course, this solar lantern is not only for travel but also can use at home. I buy this forth for the home use. Because I want to reduce carbon footprint of my house. If you need a bigger and more powerful light, you really consider the other products from D.light. After using this good quality solar lantern, you will know it is worth buying.

Product Features:

  • The solar panel is High-efficiency integrated polycrystalline solar panel.
  • A Smart LED is an indicator for solar charge intensity.
  • You can easily hang it or place it, and the battery is high-performance.
  • Two brightness settings (Standard & High Mode)
  • The weight of this solar LED lantern is ultra-light, and the design is a  ultra-portable design
  •  This solar lantern has 1-year warranty.

Where to buy?

Of course, on Amazon. This solar light is only $15.95 on Amazon.

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