Moonrays 91248 Solar Powered Plastic Post Cap Lamp Light Reviews

solar-post-lampAre you looking for Moonrays 91248 Solar Powered Plastic Post Cap Lamp Light? Here is the right place. We can offer the discounts of up to 6%. This solar post lamp is only $12.76.

Produc Features:

  • Built-solar panel charges the rechargeable battery by day, solar light glows at night
  • Metallic Brushed Copper painted surface
  • Easy attachment to post
  • Rechargeable AA NiCd battery Included

Customer Review:

I bought two this solar post lamps one week ago. Now they are still working. This solar post lamp is not very bright. But it’s ok. I don’t need much light. I use it as decorations other than lighting. I have a 3-1/4x 3-1/4 square post. And this Moonrays 91248 fits well.  In a word this solar post light is worth buying.

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