Moonrays 91249 Solar Powered Plastic Post Cap Lamp Light, Black

Moonrays-91249The installation of this solar post light: Moonrays 91249 Solar Powered Plastic Post Cap Lamp Light in black is easy. You can install it within a few minutes. You just need to fasten it on the top of post with two screws.  The material of this post lamp is durable black plastic. The black plastic can blend in with most garden features. Also this solar post light is lighted by white LEDs, which can save the power and emit bright light. And the power generated by the solar panel can be stored in A rechargeable AA NiCD battery in the day.

Product Features:

  • More Durable black  plastic construction
  • Rechargeable AA NiCd battery included
  • Easily attaches to post with two screws
  • White LED lights
  • One lamp per pack

Customer Reviews

This solar post lamp is an accent light only for a marker light because it is not very bright. So don’t use it for illumination. If you want to light up your garden, you’d better choose another solar lights, such as solar spot lights, solar lanterns,  solar path light etc. It gives a nice soft glow for an LED . It can be charged well in direct sun.What others are saying about this solar post light?

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