Solar European Style 2 Set Solar Landscape Path Lights

Solar-Europen-Style-2-Set-Solar-Landscape-Path-LightsThe style of these solar landscape path lights is European Renaissance style. They are a little retro. With these solar landscape path lights, you can make your outdoor pathway or living space full of lighting. They can recharge in sun or in shade.  The light have four amber and three natural white LED bulbs. The light’s main material is die-cast aluminum, which can make the light more durable, and have a textured bronze look. Hammered glass lens emits an elegant light pattern. They can create a romantic and elegant atmosphere in your garden.  A automatic on/off switch can automatically determine whether it is needed to turn on the lights when it gets dark. During the day the rechargeable battery can be fully charged by the  built-in solar panel. Because of solar lights, it’s no need for wiring. One set contains 2 solar path lights.

Product Features:

  • European Renaissance style,  no wiring required,  no set of 2 Solar Landscape path Lighting
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Textured bronze-look finish
  • With Hammered glass lens, the lights can emit an elegant light pattern.
  • A automatic on/off switch

What other says about this solar landscape path lights?

These lights are manufactured by Techsys Energy.These solar landscape lights are beautiful. They are brighter than I can imagine. The materials are good, making them more durable.  Now the lights give  bright light to my front gate in an area without street lights. They work well, and no need for extra maintenance for a long time. It is worth buying it.

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