Some problems with outdoor solar lights

Solar-Garden-Path-Lighting-Solar-Path-Light-220x300Outdoor solar lights are a green and power-saving method to illuminate your pathway, yards and other outdoor spaces, because solar powered lights only need sunshine to charge the built-in and rechargeable batteries, while low-voltage outdoor lights use complicated wiring which must be connected to the grid. Because of no wiring, it means you can install them anywhere you like and don’t worry about how long they are away from the electrical power source. Therefore, outdoor solar lights are ideal for your outdoor space lighting. However, some problems may arise, which you must be aware of when you decide to choose them as your outdoor lighting sources.

Batteries may lose charge after many times charge

The batteries are used to store the electrical energy produced by the solar cells. After a lot of charge, the batteries may reduce charging capacity, or even cannot work anymore. This means at night, the solar lights cannot work because of no electrical energy provided. At this time, you may need to buy some batteries to replace the old ones. Some batteries are expensive and difficult to replace.

Lack of Darkness at night

These lights can turn them on/off automatically is because that the light-sensitive on-off switch can be turned on or off according the surrounding darkness. If the surrounding darkness is not enough, they cannot be turned on at night, because the sensor may think it’s still day time. So if there are some street lights or other high light lighting sources near your lights, they may not be turned on at night.

Lack of sunlight

During the day, the batteries can store the electrical power produced by the solar cells. However, solar cells need enough sunlight. If the location of the light cannot receive enough sunlight, the solar cells will not change enough solar energy into electrical energy, and then the batteries cannot store enough energy to use at night. This may cause short lighting time at night or no lighting at all. So choosing the right places is very important.

Solar panels can’t work

The 3 main parts of a light are batteries, LEDs bulbs and the solar panels. If the solar panels can’t work, you should check whether they get obscured by dirt or get damage. Clean the surface of the solar panel. Irreparable damage will make the solar lights can’t work anymore. At that situation, you may need to buy a new one to replace it.

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